St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and a lot of tourists are getting ready to visit Dublin to see the parade, and maybe take this chance to visit Phoenix Park, the Guinness Storehouse and Trinity College.

But if this isn’t your first time in Dublin, or you simply don’t like visiting the most popular tourist attractions and are looking for something different to do, here is a list of options you have.

1.Try an Aerial Cirque Class

Have you ever been to a circus show and dreamt about doing one of the crazy things people do in the air? Well, this is your chance to try it yourself and find out it’s actually even more fun that what it looks like!

There are several aerial circus schools in Dublin, but my favourite is Aerial Cirque, in Exchequer street. The beautiful studio is located in an old Victorian building, with gorgeous arches and windows that make the perfect background for your Instagram pictures. Every Saturday they have a taster workshop. Find out how to join them here.

A woman on silks performing

Aerial silks classes are for everybody. -This is me at the end of my very first 5 week term.

2. Join an Acro jam or beginners class

If you are looking for something super fun to do (and to stay in shape), then look no further! Acro classes are so good for the body and for the soul.

These classes and jams are definitely one of my favourite things about living in Dublin. All the teachers are great, but classes are not just about learning you can do things you never thought you could. They are also a way to meet very nice people from basically everywhere in the world and make new friends, which is always great if you are travelling solo.

You can do a drop-in class, join a weekend jam in the studio or, if the weather is nice, even in the park or on a beach. Bonus point: in the summer time, the group often organises hikes or other outdoors activities followed by acro jams. Sounds great, right? Find all the info here.

A picture from an acro jam in Sutton last summer with Laura.

3. Take part in a marram grass planting workshop

Clean Coasts is an environmental charity that works with communities all over Ireland to help protect the Irish coastline and marine environment, mainly by organising beach clean-up events. However, this organisation also organises other kind of events, including marram grass planting workshop.  Marram grass is important for the coastline as its matted roots help stabilise sand dunes, allowing them to grow up and become a natural barrier against coastal erosion but also create a new important eco-system.

The next marram grass workshop will be in Portmarnock on March 14th. You can find more info here.

people on the beach

One of the Marram Grass Planting workshops with Clean Coasts.

4. Join the Dublin Community Clean-Up Day

Now in its second year, the Dublin Community Clean-Up Day is a great chance to volunteer and do something for the planet even on your holidays, as you don’t need to organise your own clean-up, but you can simply join one of the hundreds of volunteer groups active in Dublin. No matter what area of Dublin you will be visiting on April 25th, you can take one hour to do your bit for the environment. You can fin more info here.

In 2019, I joined the clean-up in Ringsend for the Dublin Community Clean-Up Day.

5. Go for a swim

Yes…a swim! The storms and cold weather never puts off swimmers in Dublin, who still fin a way to enjoy this beautiful coastline. One of the most popular spots to do this is the Forty Foot, in Dun Laoghaire, where you will actually see people swimming every morning of the year. Are you brave enough to do this?

People swimming in a body of water. A rainbow in the sky

Swimming on Sandycove beach last January

6. Paint by the pints

Paint by the Pints is a fun nights where participants are guided step-by-step through the creation of their painting while having a pint. All materials are included and the first drink is included in the price.

There is a different theme for each event and my favourite is definitely the one where you can bring your own dog! This event is associated with some charities in Ireland too, so for each participant they donate some money to a registered charity in Ireland.

Click here to see all the upcoming events.

7. Try Bingo Loco

I recently went to one of the Bingo Loco nights….and it was so much fun! If you think bingo is something for older people, think again. At this event you will play bingo, while have dance a dance off to rave music and get a chance to win crazy prizes, from a drink, to a “Friends” life size cutout to a holiday! Sounds great right?

Unfortunately, events book out very fast, so make sure you book it in advance if you want to attend. Here you can find out more.

A flyer saying: "90's Bingo Loco"

The Bingo Loco event I went to had a 90’s theme.


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