Chile really is unlike any other other country in South America. Most backpackers we met along the way told us they decided to skip it because it’s too expensive if you are travelling on a budget, but I’m happy we didn’t listen to them.


This country has something for everybody, whether you like big cities, street art, food, hiking, etc…

If you are wondering why you should visit Chile, here are some reasons:

Chile is the perfect place for nature-lovers.

This country has an incredibly diverse landscape: deserts, lakes, mountains, glaciers. But Chile is also home to a great variety of wildlife, like the Andean flamingo, condor, penguins, but also the puma and the four species of camelid (llama, alpaca, guanaco and vicuña).

Alpaca. Mountain in the background

Chile is great if you are an adventure enthusiast.

Cycling across the driest desert on Earth, hiking big mountains at the end of the world, driving your quad bike around volcanoes on one the most remote islands on Earth, scuba diving, skiing, surfing and much more. You can do all of this in Chile.

Chile is full of colours, art and history.

Whether you are learning about Santiago’s history and art, getting lost through the colourful murals in Valparaiso or taking a walk around the colourful little houses in the South of the country, Chilean towns and cities are just as exciting as its nature spots. Make sure you also learn about indigenous culture while you are over there, as it’s extremely fascinating.

Chilean food is underrated.

Although like in most places in South America, traditional Chilean food isn’t really vegetarian friendly, you will still find plenty of vegetarian adaptation of typical dishes that are so worth trying. It is in Chile that I had the best empanadas ever of the whole trip through South America!

Ever heard about wine from Chile?

Chile has also increasingly become famous for its wine, particularly red wines. Today, wine tours are one of the most popular experiences in this country. And sure, even if you don’t consider yourself a wine expert (like myself), cycling around wine yards in the sun, tasting different kinds of wine sounds like fun, right?

Chilean people are very friendly.

Friendly local people can make a huge difference when you think back to your trip. Throughout my trip in Chile, I found that Chilean people are extremely welcoming and friendly, ready to help you or party with you, give you tips on what to see and make you feel like at home.


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