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Bucket List 2019

In 2017 and 2018, I realised my dream of backpacking for a whole year. Over the past year, I visited ten countries, I met lovely people, I got to do hold a baby alpaca, see glaciers and deserts for the first time, swim with sea turtles, see three out of the new seven wonders of the world, and much more.

As one of momondo’s  Open World Travelers ambassadors, I was asked to talk about my dream destinations for 2019. There are really too many places on my bucket list and it is extremely hard to choose some. If I had to pick my top destinations, they would probably be these:


Russian language and culture was the major subject of my Bachelors Degree. The history of this country has always fascinated me, since I studied it for the first time in high school.

I would love to get lost through the streets of Moscow while admiring its architecture or to experience Saint Petersburg white nights. As a big fan of ballet, I would love to go and see a famous ballet piece in these cities big theatres, as well as assist to traditional music and dance shows.

However, big touristic cities wouldn’t be the only places I would like to see. Being the world largest country, Russia has an incredible variety of natural landscapes, with rivers, lakes, mountains and volcanoes.

However, the main reason to visit Russia would be to take the Trans-Siberian train. I love trains and one of my favourite memories from these months I spent travelling is getting a three day train from Chicago to San Francisco. The Trans-Siberian goes through over 9,000 km across the whole country and you would be able to spend hours and hours looking outside the window at a unique and breathtaking landscape.


I love hot-air balloons and this is one of the reasons why I would like to visit the Cappadocia region in Turkey. However, I would also like to hike through its peaks, rock tunnels and valleys and discover all its warm hues as the sun light changes and hits the landscape. Here, it is also possible to visit some old town and historic sites and even spend the night in a cave! Who wouldn’t love to try that at least once?

There other places I would like to visit in Turkey too, from Pamukkale, in western Turkey, famous for its open sky thermal pool and the white landscape, to Istanbul, trying to discover the history of the country.


Backpacking is my favourite way of travelling. Not having an exact plan gives you the freedom of choosing what you want to see and do, based on what people tell you along the way, things you read and also what you really feel like doing on the moment.

South-East Asia is an extremely popular backpacking destination and an ideal place to visit for people travelling on budget. While I don’t have an exact list of countries I would like to visit, this seems to be right place to go to participate in volunteering project aimed at  nature and animal protection and preservation, while still enjoying the sunshine on some of the most amazing beaches on the planet.


Even though Naples is only a few hours away from where I am originally from, I never had the opportunity to visit this city, which is one of the most famous places in Italy.

It would be great to walk through its street, but also visit nearby places outside of the city, including Mount  Vesuvius and Pompeii.

The region’s traditional music and dance would also be one of the reasons to visit this incredible place I heard so much about from people I met, who either come from there or have been on a holiday and got their heart stolen by this magical city.

Finally, not only the world famous welcoming and warm personality of local people, but also their incredible food are all reasons why this place is on my 2019 bucket list.

What are you 2019 dream destinations?