A postcard from Iceland from my friends Laura and Logan

After almost a year travelling through South America, Laura and Logan – originally from Spain and the US – decided it was time for yet another adventure!

They moved to a small cosy house somewhere in Iceland, in a place with a very long and hard to pronounce name. They loved living here, immersed in the nature.

Laura’s favourite memories from Iceland are all the stories about the times the got lost in nature and all the magic stories and myths from this place. She loved looking at all the different colours in the North of Iceland, the intense red of the each sunset, and above all, all the ways Iceland has to show us that Earth “is the one that rules here. Not us!”.

And so, she loved spending time hiking and visiting waterfalls, like the one in the picture, that to her looks “veeery Icelandic” and that reminds her of the power of nature.

You can see more pictures of their adventures around the world here.


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