If this Christmas you could choose between the latest smartphone and a trip around the world, what would you choose? When momondo asked its Open World Ambassadors this question, I had no doubt: I would pick a trip!

A question I get ask a lot – and sometimes I get very annoyed at it! – is where I find all the money to travel so much, especially last year, after quitting my job to travel full time. Like I said a few times, it’s a matter of choice and of what you are passionate about.

I would rarely buy new clothes, I don’t care about the latest technologies and I walk everywhere when I can. While I do most of these things for ethical reasons, I find them to be a great way to save money to spend on things I really love, like travelling, for example.

When I travel too, I much prefer staying in hostels or with local people, rather than in hotels, eat at local markets, instead of in restaurants, I use public transport a lot and explore places myself, rather than with organised tours.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way of doing things, and if you are more passionate about fashion or technology, and you decide that’s the way you want to invest your income, that’s great too. But this doesn’t mean you can’t gift yourself a nice trip somewhere, with whatever budget you have available!

Technology has been making it easier to find deals online, both for flights and hotels. Personally, I use these tools a lot and there is one I would really recommend: the Explore tool by momondo. This function is very easy to use. Take a look at this:

All you need to do is selecting the starting point and choose “Anywhere” in the destination box. You can set a specific date or duration, or leave it blank and you can even pick the type of getaway you want! Finally, the best part, you can set you budget and see how far you can get with what you have. Isn’t this great?!

Now let’s play a game!

momondo asked me what’s the furthest destination I can get to with a €1,700 budget for return flights from Milan Malpensa Airport this November. To play, you need to visit the Explore page, set your budget and check the distance with Distance.to.

I found flights to Queenstown, New Zealand, which is 18,456.67 km away from Milan, for approximately €1,600. This destination has so many attractions to offer for all kinds of travellers. Plenty of hiking trails, water sports and extreme outdoors sports for the most adventurous, but also wine tours, art gallery, city tours and the skyline gondola tour!

Can you beat this? Let me know in the comments!

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