A postcard from Chiusi from Mirko Barni

Sometimes, you don’t have to go far to see incredible places. And in fact, when I go back to my home town after a long time, I find even more beautiful each time, I like discovering new hidden places and fall in love with this place all over again.

For this reason, I really like it when I get postcards from other people’s hometown too – they are like love letters to a place you are so familiar with!

And this is the case for Mirko too, who sent me a postcard from his hometown Chiusi, in Tuscany. Read below what he wrote.

“Chiusi is a small town set in Central Italy, a few km away from Umbria, where you can find so many attractions, whether you like history or nature.

The first thing to visit are the three museums we have in the town. The National Archeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale), established in 1871, where you can find a beautiful collection of canopic jars and Etruscan sarcophagi.

In the Cathedral Museum and Porsenna Labyrinth (Museo della Cattedrale e Labirinto di Porsenna), located in the beautiful frame that Piazza Duomo offers, you can visit the underground path, climb up the bell tower and the main museum area, where Olivetan illuminated manuscripts are kept.

Finally, we have the Civic Museum (Museo Civico), a real underground town with the world’s biggest collection of cinerary urns and funeral tiles. They are located in the underground area, where it’s also possible to see the famous underground lake.

It’s now time to move towards the Chiusi Lake, a beautiful place where, besides spending a relaxing day, you can also have a unique chance to try local cuisine in the two main restaurants of the area. Not only! Here you can also find Etruscan tombs that you can visit by making an appointment with the National Museum.”


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