Like I said here, I was never too convinced I wanted to do a safari trip, our Safari in Tanzania turned out to be one of the best experiences ever.

There are lots of reasons why you should not miss an experience like a safari. Here are some.

Unique encounters with the wildlife and incredible landscape

A safari is the best way to see animals in their natural environment. We were incredibly lucky and managed to see all the big five – lions, elephants, buffaloes and even a leopard and a black rhino. We also saw other animals like cheetahs, different types of gazelles, wildebeest,, warthogs, zebras, hippos, monkeys and many more.

It will also give you the possibility to see a landscape so beautiful and different than any other landscape you have ever seen. For example, for us it was the first time seeing acacia trees, or “umbrella trees”, like the ones you would see in the Lion King! We even spotted two baobabs.

When you go on a safari, it’s really like stepping into a wildlife documentary!

You will support conservation projects

Another reason is that you will be supporting conservation projects. As a matter of fact, all safari lodges located inside the nationals parks will charge you a fee that will directly contribute to the wildlife protection, park maintenance and anti-poaching projects. For example, thanks to these fees, Tanzania have been implementing some conversations measures to make it possible to increase the number of rhinos in the area. Four years ago, there were only 15 rhinos left in all of Tanzania but now the number has increased to over 160.

A rhino in a field with a bird on the back

You will support local communities

Going on a safari is also a good way to support the local community. Before booking your safari, make sure you do some research and see what companies are actually local and support their community.

When you book your safari for a local company you help their business but also create employment opportunity for the local guides, in a place where the number one income comes from tourism.

Moreover, some companies even give part of the fees for development projects within the local community.

An opportunity to leave your phone behind

Like I said here, sometimes it can be hard to disconnect from your phone and from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. But there are some places where there is no access to your phone, TV or laptop and no internet, and these are the perfect places to really disconnect from the stress of everyday life and reconnect with yourself.

A safari is one them! During a safari, it’s very unlikely that you will have access to the internet, and so you can take this as an opportunity to reconnect with nature and with yourself.

A safari offers plenty of learning opportunities

During my safari, I learnt so much, about the animals living in this place and their behaviours and I was so surprised by the amount of things I didn’t know, even though I watch a lot of nature and wildlife documentaries.

I also learnt about various conservation projects and initiatives active in the area and how we can all do something to support these initiatives.

But it isn’t just about the wildlife and the landscape, but about so many different things. Having spent 4 days with a local guide, I could a lot about the way local people live, how their life is structure and, for example, all the work that goes into getting one of the best degrees in Tanzania – the one to be able to be a tour guide.

Magical sunsets and a sky full of stars

Sunsets are beautiful almost everywhere, but the dramatic landscape and untouched wilderness on a safari, makes them extra special. Sometimes, when you look at pictures of a place on Instagram or in the internet, and then you visit it yourself, you end up being a little bit disappointed, as the place and its colours are not as pretty as the filtered ones in the pictures you saw. Probably for the first time, the opposite happened when I was on the safari in Tanzania. No picture or filter will have do it justice!

The one in the picture below is just one of the magical sunset we got to witness on our safari. Each evening, all these beautiful colours paint the sky and it’s just one of the most beautiful things you can ever see. However, the best part has yet to come! At night time, away from the lights of the cities, you can see all the stars in the sky while enjoying the sounds of nature.

The best place to be if you love wildlife photography

Finally, if you like wildlife photography, or you are simply looking for pictures to share on your Instagram that will leave people speechless, this is the trip for you.

You will be amazed by the incredible photos you can picture without too much effort, in a lace with so much natural light And bright colours and where animals come so close to you!

What are you waiting for then? Book your safari!


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