A very frequent question is whether you can swim on Easter Island and the answer is yes! You can swim on Easter Island all year round and, while it is true that Rapa Nui is a lot different from the other Islands in the Polynesian Triangle, you can still find some amazing spots.

High rocky cliffs, small secluded beaches and wild landscapes are the main characteristics of the coast on Easter Island. Here are four places where you can enjoy a swim on Rapa Nui.

Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach is the most famous beach on Easter Island, with white sand, palm trees and blue water, which make it the perfect postcard place to relax, swim and play with the waves. Even though it is the main beach on the island, it is still pretty untouched and if you go in the morning, you can pretty much enjoy this place all for yourself.

However, this place, on top of being pretty, is also very important from a cultural point of view. It is here that the first king of the island arrived and established the Rapa Nui Culture.

But there is more! On this beach you can also see two archeological sites with Moai Statues: Ahu Nau Nau, which dominates the landscape with its seven moais, and Ahu Ature Huki, with only one moai statue that was the first to be raised on the island in modern times.

Ovahe Beach

Ovahe Beach

Ovahe Beach
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Ovahe beach is located only 1.5km from Anakena beach and it is famous for its wild beauty. However, not many people know about this place due to the lack of road signs indicating the beach, as well as access to this place, is quite hard.

Volcanoes in the area have given this beach its characteristic colours, from the red of the cliffs that surround it, to the pink of the sand, which create a nice contrast with the turquoise colour of the water.

📌 Officially, Ovahe is not suitable for bathing. There are stronger currents and waves than in Anakena and it can become dangerous. Moreover, you won’t find a lifeguard or food and toilet facilities in this place.

Pea Beach

Pea beach is the small beach in Hanga Roa, the only urban settlement of Rapa Nui. This is the closest beach to the town and it’s where local people go in the morning for a refreshing swim before starting the day.

Besides swimming, Pea Beach is known for being the best surfing spot on the island. You can try yourself too, as there are several surfing schools that have classes for all levels.

At Pea Beach, during certain times of the year, you can also see sea turtles that usually approach the shore. To protect them, if you see them, make sure you keep the necessary distance and avoid touching them.

Poko Poko natural pool

The Poko Poko natural pool is located only a few steps from the centre of Hanga Roa, in a place called Hanga Vare Vare.

The access to this beach, surrounded by beautiful palm trees, is very easy and there is a small cave to offer shade during the day, so as you can imagine, this place is always full of people, particularly families with kids.


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  2. I find that your post describes the beach facilities very well, as I have seen for myself, the rest of the coast being very rocky. It’s mostly locals that you would see there, some travellers would swim too, but I don’t think many come to Easter Island for the beaches as there are many sites and walks to keep busy. Great post.

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