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Do you have a blog or are you thinking about starting one? There are a few things you can do to be greener, including choosing an eco-friendly web hosting service.

Studies show that the internet and the whole system around it, are responsible for 900 millions tons of CO2 each year, making it one of the main causes of greenhouse emissions, at the same level as the aviation industry. It is also estimated that within the next 10 years,  the internet will consume 20% of the world’s total energy. 

Do a clean-up of our emails, deleting duplicates or unnecessary files, saving and reusing internet searches, downloading content, instead of streaming it, can all be good solutions to try and reduce our carbon footprint. SO it would be a good idea to do a digital clean-up!

However, today I want to talk about something else, that could be a great help for travel blogger to limit their carbon footprint: choosing an eco-friendly we hosting service.

In this post, I’ll talk about:

Easy Travel Hosting

Easy Travel Hosting is an eco-friendly web hosting service that operates on 100% renewable energy. I’m going to talk more about their ethical choice and why choose in the next section, but here you’ll find some information on what exactly they offer.

Although there might be some slight differences in the services offered with Easy Travel Hosting Uk and Easy Travel Hosting Italy (I used the latter), this company offers 3 main packages for your website, which come at a different price.The most basic package, which costs as little as €49 per year, would give you a green hosting powered by renewable energy with unlimited space for your media, one domain for your website/blog, a free SSL certificate to make your website extra safe and a LiteSpeed Cache to make your website faster.

Easy Travel Hosting packages: Easy word press for €49 euro per year with green hosting, 1 domain + wordpress and unlimited space. 1+1 domain and Cpanel for €59 per year with 1 domain, Cpanel for 2 domains, unlimited space and free site builder. 1+4 domains C panel for €69 per year, with 1 domain, Cpanel for 5 domains, unlimited space and free site builder.

Moreover, if you already own a website, Easy Travel Hosting has a Domain Transfer Service where they transfer your old website from your old hosting to their green one.

Finally, they also offer a series of tools to optimise your website, improve speed and make it secure, webmasters tools, Analytics, Sitemap and more. Click on the button below to find out about all their products.

Why choose this – a green choice

Travel Notes is all about travels and sustainability, so when I came across Easy Travel Hosting, this seems like the perfect fit for this blog.

On top of being a very reliable service – more about this in the next section – one of the main reasons why I would definitely recommend using or switching to Easy Travel Hosting is their ethical green choice.

wind farm

Easy Travel Hosting runs on 100% renewable energy as their data centre uses power from wind farms. Moreover, they are a member of The Green Web Foundation, a non-profit organisation on a mission to speed up the transition towards a completely green Internet. Once you start using their products, you can easily verify that your site is running on renewable energy on their website.

Easy Travel Hosting support a reforestation project in Guatemala. For each person buying an Easy Travel Hosting service, they will plant a tree in your name. The trees are planted in conjunction with Finca Ixobel, an eco hostel in Poptun, in the Peten region in Guatemala. Some of the trees are planted from seed from the Finca or seeds from some government organisations that are carrying out a planned reforestation project. Each tree will absorb emissions too, so you will be helping the planet and future generations but will also help the local wildlife to have a place to live.

Certificate: travel notes planted a tree in Guatemala

Planting trees is creating job opportunities in the area. Thanks to more and more people making the switch and choosing a green web package, there is a higher request and more job opportunities are being created in the local community of Ixobel in Guatemala.

My experience with it

While Easy Travel Hosting offer several services, from website creation, to SEO optimisation to blogging courses for beginners, my experience only relates to website/domain transfer.

I had such a fantastic experience in all the steps of this process, from contacting them to the very end. The process was very fast overall and their team was constantly in touch with me to let me know about the progress and answer all my questions. The team was very friendly too.

Whether you are planning to start a new blog or simply green your existing one, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Easy Travel Hosting!


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