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In 2019, my friend Ilaria – who just launched her brand new blog – visited Turkey for the first time and she sent me this beautiful postcard. Keep reading to see what she wrote.

“Turkey wasn’t on of my Bucket List destinations, nor part of my travel plans. However one day something changed! I started learning about possible itineraries, all the beautiful and unmissable destinations and, even though there were so many places to choose from, I decided to visit Instanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale. As I was planning, I was getting more and more excited and I was building so many expectations. 

I found Istanbul to be vibrant, colourful, rich and poor at the same time. I loved everything about this city, the sunsets, the food, all the neighbourhoods, the smells and people. So big and so fascinating that spending only a couple of days there isn’t enough.  Then I moved on to Cappadocia with its incredible natural landscape and breathtaking sunrises. The hot air balloons that colour the sky in the morning are something really not to be missed and waking up early to see them is so worth it. Finally, I went to Pamukkale: its cotton castle, the Hierapolis ruins and the thermal baths.

All these things made these 9 days unforgettable: a trip so full of new experiences and emotions! My expectations were not only met, but also exceeded and I would go back there any time!”


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