This week’s postcard was sent to me by Desire, the owner of the beautiful Instagram account @accordingtodes and of this blog, where she talks not only about her amazing travels around the world, but also about music, movies, podcasts and…stories of cats being rescued. Can you imagine anything better?

Postcard from Desire from @accordingtodes

During her trip to Thailand, she visited the Elephant Nature Park, a retirement home for rescued elephants. This sanctuary is considered a pioneer in the treatment of elephants in captivity and one of the most recommended to visit or volunteer at by experts.

This is what she told me about her experience:

“When visiting Thailand, my number one priority of where I wanted to visit was Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Elephant Nature Park is an incredible elephant rescue and sanctuary. They rescue elephant from riding camps, logging, and injured elephants.

 I knew I wanted to stay overnight and spend two days at ENP. When looking at tickets and the lodging, it was almost completely booked up months in advance! Seeing this, I jumped on it and purchased our overnight stay!The two days at ENP were indescribable.

Sitting down to eat and seeing elephants walk by and walking side by side with an elephant is just a feeling that is hard to describe. Those two days were some of the most magical days of my whole life! Knowing the abuse and torture these beautiful creatures came from is hard to think about and difficult to understand.

If you are travelling please do not pose with animals that are tied up, do not ride animals, do not support shows that make them perform. Animals are abused because tourists support it with their money. Be a responsible traveller and visit rescues such as Elephant Nature Park. Walk side by side with elephants and respect nature.” 


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